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    Superb Supply Service for Screen

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About Us

More than 50 years of experience, we are distributor of screen printing products such as compressed glue, screen printing ink and various chemicals used in all types of screen printing by providing a service system to cover all regions, all provinces in the country. In Bangkok Metropolitan Region we had set up an office to meet the needs of customers thoroughly and quickly. In addition, Chaiyaboon Brothers Company Limited also offers training for screen printing and problem solving both inside and outside premises by a team of expert and experienced.


Ethical organization that focuses on improving the quality of co-workers in order to collaborate, to create innovation and to impress customers, colleagues and stakeholders.

To create leadership in the existing business, to build teamwork, to impress customers, to continuously generating revenue, to create a good quality of life for colleagues, to create a good environment and help the society.
Values- Organizational Culture into 3 Groups and 18 Aspects.
Group1, Regarding Objectives, Ethical and Social Responsibility.

To be excellence by focusing on Customer-oriented and implementing the organization with learning vision of the organization and of colleagues

Group 2, Regarding the way of thinking

, using intelligence as the core of work, management for innovation. The appreciation of colleagues and all stakeholders in the organization is involved in creating quality, focusing on work processes. The next process is our customers.

Group 3, Regarding how to work

humility, conduct management using PDDLI management with real data in real locations. Fixed an issue that caused the problem, focusing on preventing repeated problems, using statistical methods, prioritizing, managing valuable time, creating standards systems that are regularly updated.

Quality Management System (QMS) ISO9001
Environmental Management System (EMS)ISO14001
Thai Labor Standard Management System (TLS) มรท.8001
Occupational Health And Safety Management System มอก.18001 & OHSAS 18001
Standards REACH, RoHS, EN71-3
Standards for the prevention and resolution of narcotics problems in business establishments
Standard for AIDS and TB management in the workplace ASO-T (Platinum level)

Good Governance ,Genius ,Good people have virtue

NACC Integrity Award
Excellent corporate governance
Outstanding ethics Thai Chamber of Commerce
White Enterprise Award
Contest winner SMEs National
Corporate Governance Certificate SMEs
Prime Minister's Award "Medium business type" Contests 2nd Sufficiency Economy Philosophy
Honor Award "Petch Siam" Social Development Branch Ethics promotion And good governance
Disease-free, safe and happy
White factory
Certificate of cooperation, providing blood donors in groups Thai Red Cross
Master Award for Quality of Happiness in Pathumthani Province

Quality Management Award

TQC (Thailand Quality Class)
TQM Best Practices Award
KANO Award
PM Award (Prime Minister’s Export Award)
Thailand Trusted Quality
Outstanding establishment Safety Health And working environment national level
Outstanding workplace for labor relations and national labor welfare
Health Promotion Award "Advanced level"
Award for zero accident reduction campaign "Beginner"
Green Industry Certificate Level 3
Honor "Copper Level" Zero Accident Reduction Campaign

Customer Service

The Chaiyaboon Brothers Group Company Limited is pleased to serve you with patronage in product information, product orders, delivery services, after-sales services, etc. Please kindly contact our staff at Pathum Thani Office or Ekachai Office or Pathumwan Office or you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Our customer service offering- Product

specification, after sales service, ordering by phone, notifying salespeople to come and meet, determine product delivery, testing products with your substrate, modify order items and delivery time. We are happy to receive feedback on sales services and delivery service department along with product qualification and any other matters that you please report for continued development with great thanks.

Technical support-

We are pleased to provide technical information on screen printing, PAD, INKJET, LED and packaging-design with varnishing, printing training and software management services. We are committed to providing information to meet the needs of your with the expertise of the group of companies in order to create the concept of a common approach in the manner of maintaining the environment Clean & Green by requesting you to contact our salesperson to acknowledge your needs with great thanks.